Sunday September 22
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The meeting will be held in the conference rooms at the hotel ODEON. The address is: Odeons Kvarter 1, 5000 Odense C. See you all tommorow
Monday September 2
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The deadline for registration has passed, and registration is closed. We are looking forward to an interesting meeting.
Thursday August 1
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Deadline for case-report submission is extended to August 16th 2019. Please see the Case Reports Session for further instructions.
Tuesday July 2
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Remember to submit your case reports for NDIM 2019. It can be done under the Case Reports Session-tab.
Thursday May 23
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Registration is now open - find the information in the top right corner.

Psycopharmacology Case Reports Session

This year the Nordic Drug Meeting is pleased to host, as a novel format, a case report session covering noteworthy cases within the field of psychopharmacology from each centre. Centres are encouraged to submit one psychopharmacology-related case received during the past year, with educational value for a broader audience.

The aspiration of the session is to exchange not only relevant clinical pharmacology knowledge, but also provide insight into the practical workflow at each centre.

Several case reports will be selected for oral presentation (8-minute oral presentation, PowerPoint format), followed by a brief question and answer session after each case, and a final discussion in plenum.

All submitted abstracts will be published in a conference handbook for participants.

Case Reports Abstract Submission Guidelines

Submissions should include:

  1. Clinical Question (with relevance to psychopharmacology)
  2. Author(s) and affiliations
  3. Case description: provide a brief description of the clinical case, including pertinent medical history, diagnostic tests, medication list, and the setting from which the question came (i.e., psychiatric department, family doctor, etc.)
  4. Methods: provide a description of the workflow, including databases and sources employed, the method by which the case was answered (i.e., written report, telephone consultation, multidisciplinary conference), time to response, process for approval of answer if relevant (i.e., conference discussion, approval by senior physician, etc.)
  5. Background and findingssummarize relevant background information and findings from the literature
  6. Conclusionbriefly state the final answer to the clinical question

Length of abstract:300 words

Deadline for submission: August 16th, 2019

The abstract can be submitted in word or pdf format to this email: